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Catherine Max Jewels is a collection born from the love of jewelry and friendship

Gretchen Fleet, owner of Catherine Max Jewels, first developed a passion for creating jewelry during study breaks at the University of California San Diego. After graduation, she worked in real estate as a commercial property manager until her daughter was born. This life-changing event spurred Gretchen's passion for designing jewelry and she developed what was once a weekend hobby with her girlfriends into a flourishing business.

Since then, Catherine Max Jewels has been constantly evolving. Gretchen is inspired by her love of fashion, family and fun times. She creates unique pieces that are easy to wear. Catherine Max Jewels consists of chic and cool designs that go beyond fashion trends or fads. The jewelry is innovative and timeless and effectively expresses all different types of personalities. The collection includes ornate charms, unusual trinkets and various chains combined with natural elements, semi-precious stones and fresh-water pearls.

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Silver Diam Earrings

Silver diam shapes with silver diam shape dangles.

Our Price: $38.00
Silver Circles Earrings

Silver circles w/gold circle dangles.

Our Price: $38.00
Medium Triple Gold Diam/Circle Shape Earrings

Medium triple gold diam shapes/circles earrings

Our Price: $38.00
Medium Silver Circles Earrings

Medium Silver Circles

Our Price: $38.00
Silver Circles w/Gold Oval Teardrops

Silver circles w/gold oval teardrops

Our Price: $38.00
Gold Circles with Gold Teardrop Bangles

Gold circles with gold teardrop dangles

Our Price: $38.00
Medium Gold Circles

Medium gold circles earrings

Our Price: $38.00
Medium Silver Oval Earrings

Medium Silver Oval Earrings

Our Price: $42.00
Gold Filigree Necklace

Gold filigree circles with labradorite necklace

Our Price: $124.00
White Druzy Necklace

White druzy connect w/gold leaf dangle off circle w/onyx up (long)

Our Price: $148.00